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Pressure Washer Accessories


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The Barracuda is excellent for cleaning difficult and irregular surfaces where an operator can more efficiently maneuver a hand-held tool. These lightweight tools adapt to any high pressure pump and are simple to maintain, making them the most versatile and efficient surface preparation tools in the field.
Maximum Pressure           22k psi (1500 bar)
Maximum Flow        15gpm (57 l/min
Tool feature:
How this helps:
Self-propelled rotation Eliminates the need for expensive compressed air drives
Centrifugal speed control Longer jet dwell times for hard to remove deposits
2 or 4 jet configuration Choose the best configuration for your specific type of job
Easy field maintenance Lubricating fluid can be easily flushed and refilled for continual productivity on the job
Optional inlet adapters for
15k or 22k psi
One tool adapts simply to multiple pressure ranges
Light weight Decreases operator fatigue for use over extended periods of time
Impact-resistant polyurethane
Protects jets for increased